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Rock out Ski & Snowboarding Season with Click & Carry!

Winter isn’t just about working out in heated gyms and places where controlled temperatures are the name of the game. For outdoor sports lovers, winter is the time of the year when snow, sleet, and freezing rain mean one thing…ski and snowboarding season is here!

Whether you love that powdery soft snow or that icy stuff that only comes from expensive snowmaking machines, you’re probably excited to be spending your weekends and the holiday season on a mountain somewhere. Here are some ways that you can use Click & Carry to make your outdoor sports season even more enjoyable!

Use Click & Carry to Hoist Your Ski Equipment Up the Hill

You’re already bundled up with your jacket, ski outfit, and used the facilities before taking the plunge. Alas, now you need to carry your equipment up to the ski lift. It’s heavy and you don’t want to deal with it. Well, you’re in luck. With Click & Carry, all you need to do is put the equipment handles onto the Click & Carry handle, sling it over your shoulder and what you get is this. Ease.

Bring up Groceries to Your Cabin with Ease
Are you going with a bunch of your friends to a weekend at the cabin? Do you have tons of bags that you need to somehow transfer from your vehicle to the cabin? Why depend on multiple trips from your car to the cabin? With Click & Carry, you just need one trip by adding your grocery bag handles to each groove on your Click & Carry.

Yup. You can also use Click & Carry to Carry Your Snowshoes up the Mountain.

Our Click & Carry inventor, Kim Meckwood, demonstrates here on her recent visit to QVC.

Happy Winter Sports Season from all of us at Click & Carry!

Happy Thanksgiving from Click & Carry!

From all of us at Click & Carry, we’d like to wish you and your family a very healthy and happy Thanksgiving! Also, if you need help lugging all those groceries to your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving, may we suggest a Click & Carry to help with the load? Don’t forget that we are offering 25% off all Click & Carry’s when you purchase from our website. Use code, ‘Holiday25’ in the link. Or you can also find us on Amazon Prime!

Top Five Holiday Travel Tips

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‘Tis the season for early Cyber Monday deals, extra sweet holiday drinks, and making sure that you book your planet tickets before all the flights back to your hometown are gone. As you get your schedules set for the beginning of the Holiday season, here are a few travel tips to keep handy so you can head to your destination with ease and comfort.


Whether you need to download the Airline app to scan your boarding pass, print your boarding pass, or make sure that you get to the airport with enough time to check in, be sure to plan for enough time to allow for any last-minute issues. If getting to the airport with an hour to spare is how you roll, then we all need to strive to be like you.

When you’re going back home to see your extended family, do you really need to bring seven outfits and four pairs of boots? The answer is probably no. There are a multitude of ways to lightly pack several outfits, two pair of shoes and your toiletries. Even if you’re planning a tropical vacation, you could find ways to decrease your luggage to one checked bag and one carry on. Trust me. You will enjoy the lack of stress. Well, I’m not talking about Aunt Mildred or Uncle Frank.

I’ve been on quick flights up the coast and International flights across the ocean, but few things are more annoying than not having a good snack when you’re only halfway to your destination and your stomach starts growling. When the prepackaged airplane meal or the sad pack of salted peanuts isn’t doing it for you, you’ll be happy that you brought a stash of healthy Kind bars, almonds, freshly cut fruit, or even some trail mix.

Few things in the world will leech moisture from your skin as quick as a being up in the air in an enclosed space. This is why you MUST carry a moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid or perhaps a glowy sheet mask that will allow you to retain your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Don’t we all just want to land at our destination looking like a supermodel? Well. Sort of.

A useful gadget like Click & Carry will allow you to consolidate your bags on one easy-to-carry grip handle so you won’t be forced to get wire markings on your wrists. Trust me. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

We at Click & Carry want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! And to thank you, we’d like to offer you 25% off your own Click & Carry with the code, ‘Holiday 25.’ Go nuts!

Click & Carry is NOW on Amazon Prime!

The holidays are upon us! As you munch the last of your Halloween candy, your thoughts may be headed towards turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and…okay, maybe I’m getting carried away. But even more exciting will be all the deals that you’ll be getting on Black Friday! Or Cyber Monday! Or anytime between mid-November and December 31st when you will be able to take advantage of amazing deals for your friends, family or yourself.

With Amazon Prime, you can get your very own Click & Carry with quick one-day or two-day shipping. This is perfect for early or last-minute holiday shopping when you just don’t have time to head to the mall. You can’t beat Amazon Prime’s reliable and great customer service.

With Amazon Prime, you can purchase a Click & Carry to lug around all your holiday shopping bags. Or you can even buy these amazing and helpful Click & Carry handles as gifts or stocking stuffers for your friends and family. Happy Early Shopping!

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Check out what these happy customers have to say about their own Click & Carrys!

How Click & Carry Helps Crafters

As the holidays approach, all of us crafters gather with delight waiting until its finally acceptable for us to post our holiday crafts and ornaments onto all our respective social media channels. Now, how can Click & Carry help you, the creative and thrifty crafter, with your holiday shopping needs?

When you’re running around various arts supply stores, you don’t want those annoying and painful indentations on your hands that plastic bags can give you. Instead, put your bag handles into the grooves on your Click & Carry and just sling it over your shoulder. It can carry up to fifty pounds and it just saves you the trouble of making multiple trips to and from your car. Amazing, right?

Who wants those ugly marks on your fingers, wrists and hands from holding too many plastic or paper bags? With Click & Carry, all you have to do is put the bags into the two grooves for the bag handles, click it, and then carry the regular way or just sling it over your shoulder for a hands-free carrying experience. Did you read that? Hands-free! We love it.

Us crafters are pretty obsessed with things being visually entertaining and appealing. We want pretty and handwoven crafts that we can immediately put on Etsy, Instagram, and Pinterest, so why can’t that extend to products that help us carry our beautiful crafts around?

Right now, Click & Carry is offering 25% off your very own Click & Carry with the code ‘Holiday25.’ So…please feel free to craft away. Oh, and check out the above video about crafting and Click & Carry.

Top Four Ways Click and Carry Can Help Hipsters!

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Yes, you may love your iced cold brews with steamed almond milk and just a dash of organic vanilla, but you still need a way to carry all your grass-fed items back to your sustainable apartment.  With Click & Carry, you can carry multiple bags at once with ease and comfort. Seriously.  Here are some ways that all hipsters wearing hand-ripped jeans that cost more than a month’s rent can use this amazing product.

Whether you’re free of gluten, dairy, or animal products, you’re definitely not going to stay away from organic fruits and vegetables. Did we mention supporting local farms and businesses that make a majority of their income from farmer’s markets?  But the only issue is how you’re going to carry all your tons of produce, homemade candles, and perhaps a gorgeous handmade clock. Well, this is where Click & Carry swoops in to help you carry multiple bags with ease and simplicity. It’s also super cute.

Yes, we know it’s too cold for Coachella now, but think into the future…like next spring. This is about the time when you’re frantically looking for your friends to help you carry the tent bags, blankets, and luggage when you’re heading to hear the sounds of Cardi B in the desert. Did we mention snack bags, groceries, and all the random stuff you always manage to need bags for? Click & Carry offers you the option of clipping together all of your bags and slinging it over your shoulder.

No, really, dogs LOVE carrying bags with Click & Carry. Look at little Charlie below carrying his bags with ease and comfort. Because Click & Carry distributes the weight of your bags evenly, it allows for easier carrying and less strain on your body.  See, dogs ARE smarter than humans.

Let’s face it…hipsters love to live in cities and begin requesting that their items be organic, grass-fed, non-dairy, and sustainable. But as they begin to purchase these items, they need a quick and easy way to carry these items without putting strain on your arms.  That’s where Click & Carry comes in, allowing every hipster to purchase their items and carry them to their friend’s sister’s band practice, with no issues at all.  You can sling your items over your shoulder, and pop that fedora on your head, with enough from for a second almond milk latte.

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Top Ways Moms Can Rock Halloween!

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Yes, it’s that time of year again.  Not THAT time. As the fall leaves turn orange, the pumpkin spice cravings increase, and your kids are hankering for the ULTIMATE Halloween costume, you know you’re inching closer to October 31st. But before you start freaking out about how to make an intricate costume from the latest Disney/Dreamworks movie, here are a few tips to help you transition into Halloween with a jump, skip and a fun size Snickers bar. Or three.

There is so much pressure on moms to create the perfect costume made with hand-stitched silk and organic cotton, right? Well, let’s be real, at the end of the night, your kids will be trudging through streets, grass, and mud to get to their sugary treasures. Also, they may be just as happy with their “ghost” or “sheet over the head” costume which requires zero time. Their costumes will likely be streaked with chocolate and sugar, so perfection is not even close to reality. Which is totally fine with us.

If you’re going to be the chosen chaperone for trick-or-treating, your kids will probably expect you to hold their candy, costume parts, or other items. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have an useful item like Click and Carry that will help you carry multiple bags without having to worry about ripping plastic or hurting your wrists? It also helps redistribute the weight of your bags while being able to sling it over your shoulder. Love it.

Sometimes a few apple slices just won’t do. If you want to go to town on Reese’s peanut butter cups and a fun size Snickers, don’t stress about it. Just be sure you down some water or decaf coffee in between so you don’t end up wolfing down the whole bag.

Are you a working mother who still wants to spend time creating that special costume for your little one? Why not wrangle your fellow moms into a costume prep party so you can all work together creating the costumes while getting a little help?  Or wine. No judgements.

Happy Halloween from all of us at Click & Carry!

Oh, and if you’d like 25% off your very own Click & Carry, just use code ‘Holiday25’ at checkout for your discount.








Click & Carry: 10+ Ways to Make Shopping Easier for Mom

10+ Ways to Make Shopping Easier for Mom

One of the biggest challenges of being a busy mom is grocery shopping. You’re trying to stock up on everything – so why not find the best solutions for shopping? It’s hard to say what’s worse: your child asking for something on every aisle, or the juggling act of bring in all the groceries when you arrive home. It’s all pretty daunting, right?!? We want to help, so here are 10 quick tips to make that grueling shopping adventure a fun and entertaining mommy & me activity.

1. Make a Shopping List

Have a shopping list or meal plan strategy prepared – A favorite & familiar store makes knocking out the list MUCH easier as you can arrange your list by aisle Choose an app to help you with your list and for meal planning.

2. Park Smart

Park your car close to the cart return to make the transition back home a quick and easy one.

3. Carry a Shopping Cart Cover

Cart handles can be dirty so be proactive by bringing a shopping cart cover – or even sanitary wet wipes with you to clean down the cart, seat and handle prior to putting your child into the kid friendly seat.

4. Eat Before Shopping

Make sure your kids are fed or plan “shopping snacks” to avoid a meltdown. Perhaps you can plan a picnic in the car, stop at a favorite sandwich shop or begin the shopping run in the store’s deli to energize your mini-shopper and fill up his tank. It’s dangerous to shop with a hungry kid.

5. Set Ground Rules

Allow her to take items off the shelf, but only with mom’s approval. You may also allow her to play with her baby in the back of the cart, but only if she remains seated.

6. Involve Your Kids in the Plan

Make a grocery list with the kids – going to the store can be a fun game when the children are prepared to help you locate the items on your grocery list. Check out The Clip Trip, a site to create a “kid friendly” list complete with pictures of the items selected on your your list. They also offer fun puzzles and numerous learning activities to entertain kids on your shopping journey.

7. Involve Your Kids in the Process

Give your child “assignments” – they love to feel a sense of accomplishment,so try giving your sweetie a task. For example, he can grab something heavy like a gallon of milk or she may help you to select the “perfect” peach or he may read you the next item on the list. You can even complete the shopping trip by preparing a light bag for her to carry into the house.

8. Make It Fun

Be creative – plan some games to keep your child’s attention. Ask “If you could buy 3 of your favorite foods, what would they be?” or “What is a drink that will make your bones grow big and strong?” or “If you can only eat one kind of candy in the whole wide world, which one would you pick?”. Another fun option is bring some toys to occupy her attention (at least part of the time).

9. Delay Gratification

If your child asks for everything from cereals to candy, how can you keep him happy? Try negotiating a little “delayed gratification”. For example, ask, “Do you want a cupcake as a treat?” If you receive a yes, then say “Well, first let’s pick out some cake mix”, then, ask “Which icing and sprinkles do you want for your yummy cupcakes?”.

10. Get Ready to Carry Everything

While in the check out line, be sure to pre-gather your bags. I always connect my bags together with Click & Carry handles while the items are still in the cart. This is a perfect “mom life hack”. I can easily lift the attached bags into my car’s trunk. When I arrive at home, I unbuckle my little one, grab my Click & Carry handles, throw one set of bags over my shoulder, take my little one’s hand and hustle all the groceries into the house in just ONE quick trip. Bonus tip – have your keys ready to open the front door.

BONUS: Lucky Tip Number…

11. Kroger Click List

If all else fails… There is an amazing new program Kroger is testing nationwide. Kroger’s program is called Click-list and it’s a huge time saver! Simply order your groceries on-line, pull up to a valet station at the grocery store and then a store associate comes out to put the purchased items in your trunk. You simply drive home and unpack!

Ten Plus Ways to Make Shopping Easier for Mom

Shopping doesn’t have to be dreadful for you and your family. We hope you have gleaned an idea or two (or more!) to use on your next shopping spree. You don’t have to be part mom, part octopus – with a little planning, you can simplify your journey while making it more fun for everyone. Let us know if you have tried these or other ideas and what you find in the comments below. We’d love for everyone to share with our community!