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Kim’s Click & Carry Product Development Process

Starting a business is not easy. First, the idea for your invention usually hits you at an unexpected moment. For me, it was when I was carrying bags of groceries up several flights of stairs to my condo, after a break-up with a boyfriend. It was incredibly annoying to make several trips up and down the stairs with the groceries and I no longer had my ex to carry the burden. I knew there had to be a better way! Thus, Click & Carry was born.

I believe the best inventions come from life’s greatest needs. Despite the simple design of the Click & Carry handle, I knew I had a gem on my hands. I initially created Click & Carry to carry groceries, but I quickly realized that Click & Carry is quite a utilitarian gadget! In addition to carrying groceries, the handle may be used to carry sports equipment, dry cleaning, home supplies, and it provides comfort for those suffering from arthritis. It took several years to take the product from concept to fruition, requiring the creation of a prototype, filing for a utility patent, and then bringing the product to market. I also had to work a day job, while continuing to invest time and money into in my business.

I was lucky enough to be invited to go on QVC with Click & Carry, which is one of my favorite ways to market my product! QVC has an amazing, loyal and interactive audience!


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Recently, I met with the wonderful e-commerce gurus over @5minutepitch. I received valuable business advice from Mike Jackness, Steve Chou, Greg Mercer, and Steve Voelker, and they imparted their vast knowledge of the e-commerce industry to benefit Click & Carry in this space. A space that I am still learning to navigate. Below are the podcast interviews that I did about product development, entrepreneurship, and becoming an e-commerce whiz. I’m still working on that last goal, and I’m excited to see where life takes me with Click & Carry.

How To Invent A Product From Scratch And Sell Over 300K Units With Kim Meckwood with Steve Chou

Ecom Crew- Overcoming Early Business Struggles and Learning from Them with Mike Jackness

For more about my product development process, check out my interview with e-commerce guru, Kevin Sanderson.

Back to School Shopping with Click & Carry

Those lazy summer days are coming to a close. Well, not yet. We still have a few weeks until kids are back in school, the fall sales commence, and Labor Day weekend closes out another epic summer. But this year, don’t forget your Click & Carry handle so your child doesn’t have to carry all her heavy books without going hands-free. Instead, why not go #handsfree while you’re carrying back-to-school shopping bags, groceries, and home improvement supplies?

Did you know that each easy-to-grip Click & Carry handle can carry up to eighty pounds of heavy items? Eighty pounds! You can also use your Click & Carry handle in other ways besides grocery shopping. Check them out below!

Back to School Shopping


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Vacation and Travel Help


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Doggy Errand Helper


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Grab your Click & Carry handle from Amazon Prime or CLICK HERE!

Rock the Summer with Click & Carry!

We are in the thick of summertime heat whether you’re in the humid South, the subways of NYC, or even in the dry desert of Southern California. With all of the fun summertime activities, let’s not forget how Click & Carry can help you go #handsfree with all of your heavy bags, groceries, surfboards, and even dry cleaning!

Whether you’re a kid learning to surf, a harried mother who is looking for a way to carry groceries #handsfree, or a senior who faces dexterity challenges, Click & Carry can help you carry your heavy items with ease.

Did we mention that you can use your Click & Carry handle while you’re glamping/camping with friends or family, grabbing your surfboard, or even going traveling abroad? Check out more ways below that Click & Carry can help you make your summer fun even easier!




Don’t forget to enter our Click & Carry Summer Video Challenge for the chance to win your very own Click & Carry handle!

My “5 Minute Pitch” Journey

The life of an entrepreneur is one of faith, hard work, and believing in your product. When I started my journey as the creator of Click & Carry, I had a belief in my product as well as the knowledge that Click & Carry was useful, universal, and under patent protection. Instead of worrying about naysayers, I focused on how to make the Click & Carry handle a better quality product that could help all people with their everyday errands. Whether you’re a working mother shopping for groceries, a handyman who needs help carrying paint cans, or a snowboarder who needs help carrying his snowboots to the top of the slopes, Click & Carry is there for you. Oh, and did we mention how amazing Click & Carry is for canines?

When I first applied to the “5 Minute Pitch,” I was hopeful that I would be able to receive the mentorship from the judges including Scott Voelker, Steve Chou, Greg Mercer, and Michael Jackness because all of us entrepreneurs need guidance and advice. I was beyond thrilled when I found out that “Click & Carry” made the Final Four in the contest.

On my way to the Final Four competition for “5 Minute Pitch,” I did some deep thinking about the strengths and weaknesses of my product and wondered what it would be like to move forward with the mentorship of the judges including Steve Chou, Greg Mercer, Scott Voelker and Michael Jackness.

I won. I was just so grateful and in shock at this amazing opportunity that I’ve been given. Thank you so much to everyone at “5 Minute Pitch” for giving this entrepreneur a chance to take Click & Carry to the next level. Also, to all the entrepreneurs out there who feel discouraged during the ebbs and flows of getting your product out to market, keep your chin up, keep grinding, and make your product distinct in the marketplace. And you will thrive.

Meet the Newest Click & Carry Ambassadors!

Oh hello! I know you’ve seen Charlie and Kole all around the social channels of Click & Carry, but please note that they’re officially the first brand ambassadors of our brand. Aren’t they adorable?