Click & Carry Notes

Summer 2022 Contest – Week 4

This week we have just one prompt for the C&C Video Spree because it is such a useful one. Get yourself on video using it if you want to win!Clip dog leashes together: If you’ve ever walked multiple dogs at once, you’ve probably dealt with the struggle of wrangling all the leashes without getting them tangled. Use Click & Carry to group them all together so that you only have to hold onto the Click & Carry rather than try to hold onto all those leashes at the same time.BONUS: We're going to include some fun videos of our favorite [...]

August 31, 2022|

Summer 2022 Contest – Week 3

We loved seeing the C&C Video Spree entries for weeks one and two, and we’re excited for some more! Check out this week’s prompts and send us a video of you using Click & Carry in these ways for a chance at $100! Dry cleaning: Had a big week at the office and dirtied all your formal wear? Of course you need to have it dry cleaned. So you’re looking fly for next week, but how could you possibly get it all there before the big meeting? Use Click & Carry to tote everything in one trip! Carry groups [...]

August 24, 2022|

Summer 2022 Contest – Week 2

Hey, everyone! It’s week two of the C&C Video Spree, and we’re excited to roll out our second set of prompts. If you didn’t catch last week’s announcement, C&C Video Spree is a six part contest where we will roll out a new set of suggested Click & Carry uses each week, and you will have the opportunity to submit videos of Click & Carry being used in those ways. After all of the prompts have been released, we will choose a set of winners to receive up to $100 in prizes in addition to free swag. We will [...]

August 17, 2022|

Summer 2022 Contest

Hey, everyone! Hoping that summer is going well and that you’ve had the opportunity for some fun in the sun. On Shark Tank, you may have heard our story about how Click & Carry started as a way to carry all your grocery bags in one trip. Since then, we’ve discovered all kinds of other uses for the product that we wanted to share with you. As part of this, we're rolling out the C&C Video Spree! This is a six part video submission contest where you can win $100 in Amazon gift cards, free Click & Carries, and [...]

August 9, 2022|

10 Essentials for Your Summer Beach Trip

With summer now in full swing, it’s time again for family, friends, and sun. The kids are out of school and ready to hit the sand. So, what should you bring on your family beach trip? We can’t predict everything you’ll need, but make sure you include these 10 essentials! Sunscreen We know you probably want to catch some rays, but make sure you do it responsibly! Use sunscreen with a high SPF to make sure you get the most protection possible. The CDC recommends you reapply every two hours and after swimming, sweating, or toweling off. Stay vigilant [...]

July 1, 2022|


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