Click & Carry Notes

Summer 2022 Contest – First Place

*insert drumroll here...* Throughout the C&C Video Spree, we received many awesome videos from our community. Some folks were unloading their huge grocery runs all at once to save valuable time. Others were lugging paint cans around for a home remodel. But only one featured a Caribbean beach. Congratulations to Tammy for winning the C&C Video Spree!  Coming to us from the sand in Puerto Rico, Tammy used her Click & Carry to get her beach chair and beach bag out to her piece of paradise with no hands! We are quite jealous of her backdrop as the winter [...]

November 25, 2022|

Summer 2022 Contest – Winner 2

It’s time to reveal two more winners from the C&C Video Spree video submission contest! First things first - you are a winner, too! Use the code HOLIDAY20 for 20% off of your next order until December 1, 2022. Leong ~ Honorable Mention Leong helped identify a new and creative use for Click & Carry! Who knew that once you get your Click & Carry home, that it doubles as a stand for your phone or iPad? Wow! Thanks Leong for finding another use! Ajay ~ Third Place This week we [...]

November 10, 2022|

Summer 2022 Contest – Winner 1

Happy Halloween! After six weeks of submissions for the C&C Video Spree Contest, we ended up with some awesome videos from many of you showing the Click & Carry in action. From testimonials glowing brighter than a jack-o-lantern to innovations on the use of the product, we received really boo-tiful content from our community. In case you missed it, the C&C Video Spree was a video submission contest where you could submit videos of the Click & Carry being used in different ways for a chance at up to $100 in prizes and free Click & Carrys. The contest [...]

October 31, 2022|

Summer 2022 Contest – Week 6

Wow! We’ve received so many amazing submissions to the C&C Video Spree! This week’s post contains the last set of prompts of the contest! Send a video of yourself or your friends using any of the prompts from the past six weeks for a chance at $100 and free products, and some swag! While these prompts are some of the most popular uses for Click & Carry, they are by no means the only ones. We love finding new ways to utilize the product, so please send us pictures of any other creative ways you use it for a [...]

September 15, 2022|

Summer 2022 Contest – Week 5

If you’re planning on entering the C&C Video Spree, you better make your move soon. Next week we will post the last video prompt of the contest! To enter today, you can make a video using this week’s prompt or any of the previous weeks’ prompts. Send us a clip for a chance to win $100, free Click & Carry, and some swag! Phone stand: Our name may be Click & “Carry” but we can be used for non-carrying tasks too! Open your Click & Carry 90 degrees and rest your phone in the side cavity leaning up on [...]

September 7, 2022|


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