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A Multitasking Workout with Click & Carry

Click & Carry was created to help people with their daily errands including grocery shopping, carrying sports equipment, and even carrying weekly dry cleaning. But who doesn’t love multi-tasking? And yes, I mean you can get a quick workout while doing your weekly errands.

Check out our quick interview with Delvon Flowers, a popular OrangeTheory Fitness Coach and all-around amazing person, who demonstrates various exercises such as arm curls and front raises, that you can complete while running errands.

So next time you’re in a long line at the grocery store, feel free to do some lateral arm raises or perhaps a few arm curls. #Multitasking

You can carry up to 80 pounds with each Click & Carry handle, and that means that you can do a pretty hard-core lifting workout while carrying your groceries, sports equipment or even hardware. Did we mention wine? Lots of wine.

These amazing handles are available on Amazon Prime or on our website.
Why not give them a lift?

How Click & Carry Helps Everyday Folks with Errands

Here at Click & Carry, we love to find stories of ways that Click & Carry makes your life easier. When we can make a person’s day one iota simpler by using Click & Carry handles at the grocery store or picking up sports equipment, we get REALLY excited!

On that note, please meet Maria who we met at a grocery store parking lot. We showed her how Click & Carry worked and showed her how it could just make her everyday life easier…and let’s just say she got excited too.


Click & Carry’s New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year is a time when we can re-set and renew from the past year and see what we can improve and how we can go about doing so. In 2019, the team here at Click & Carry would love to inspire you to do more with less effort. Why make things harder on yourself when you can just make life easier with products like Click & Carry?

Here are some fun facts about the Click & Carry. Each handle is divided in the center with a twisting column. There are two identical side cavities to hold your bags or cargo. Each side cavity can carry up to 40 pounds and has a comfortable padded gel grip to carry your heavy loads without an issue.

So, every time you have to go on a grocery run, buy too many items at Target, or need some help carrying sports equipment to the game, just grab your Click & Carry and make your life easier. Here are some more ways Click & Carry can help you in your daily life.

Yass! Not only does weightlifting help you to increase muscle mass and burn more calories at rest, but it can help you have a better posture and even improve your bone mass. With Click & Carry, you can even distribute the weights you carry with ease and precision.

Yes, you can order everything through Amazon, but if you still grocery shop in person, why not make it easier for yourself by using Click & Carry? Don’t make more than one trip. Just put your grocery bag handles into the Click & Carry, twist, and click it into place.

Got heavy gym equipment or bags that you need to carry to and from your workout? Click & Carry has your back. Just put

Whether you’re having a dry January or you’re a card-carrying member of the wino club, Click & Cary can help you lug all your wine back to your home. Here’s a quick tip: Put wine bottles in individual bags and carry them with ease without worrying about breaking the bottles.

And to get your hands on your very own Click & Carry, click HERE.

Are You a College Student Tired of Carrying ALL the Bags?

Are you a freshman who came to campus carrying WAY too many bags? Did you parents buy you an entire aisle at Target just so you can fill up your dorm room with various items you probably won’t even use?  Well, here are some ways that college students like yourself can use Click & Carry to help your better navigate all your bag usage during your college experience.

Makes Getting Groceries a Breeze
If you’re one of the many students at a campus where you’re able to pillage some cereal from the dining hall, bravo. You also might be one of the students who go on their weekly journey to a local grocery store/Target to get your essentials. But who needs the extra drama when you’re excited to down those ramen noodles while you’re texting, watching Netflix and writing your Humanities paper? Just put your grocery bag handles into your Click & Carry, flip over your shoulder, and glide back to your dorm room. Yes, you can Boomerang yourself doing so.

Carrying Food/Equipment to your Club Activities
College is the place where you figure out who you are, what you stand for, and gosh darn it, what clubs/activities you’d like to be involved with. Now, if you’re down with student government, the digital newspaper, or even improv, you will soon find out that clubs like to have meetings. Monthly meetings. During meetings, these clubs like to provide free food and snacks. The best part about these meetings is that there’s always leftovers for broke college kids to take back to their dorm rooms. Why not use a Click & Carry to make carrying those bagged chips and extra soda bottles a breeze?

Make Laundry Day Simple with your Click & Carry
Laundry day. For many college students, college might be the first time that they ever have put their dirty clothes into a machine. If that’s the case, why not use a Click & Carry to make this dirty and heavy process way easier? Just put your laundry bag handles into the convenient Click & Carry handle, twist, click, and just flip it over your shoulder. You won’t get those nasty rope burns and you can look way cooler than those other students on your floor who use their hands.

For 25 percent off YOUR OWN CLICK & CARRY, use code ‘Holiday25.’

Top Five Holiday Travel Tips

(Photo Credit)
‘Tis the season for early Cyber Monday deals, extra sweet holiday drinks, and making sure that you book your planet tickets before all the flights back to your hometown are gone. As you get your schedules set for the beginning of the Holiday season, here are a few travel tips to keep handy so you can head to your destination with ease and comfort.


Whether you need to download the Airline app to scan your boarding pass, print your boarding pass, or make sure that you get to the airport with enough time to check in, be sure to plan for enough time to allow for any last-minute issues. If getting to the airport with an hour to spare is how you roll, then we all need to strive to be like you.

When you’re going back home to see your extended family, do you really need to bring seven outfits and four pairs of boots? The answer is probably no. There are a multitude of ways to lightly pack several outfits, two pair of shoes and your toiletries. Even if you’re planning a tropical vacation, you could find ways to decrease your luggage to one checked bag and one carry on. Trust me. You will enjoy the lack of stress. Well, I’m not talking about Aunt Mildred or Uncle Frank.

I’ve been on quick flights up the coast and International flights across the ocean, but few things are more annoying than not having a good snack when you’re only halfway to your destination and your stomach starts growling. When the prepackaged airplane meal or the sad pack of salted peanuts isn’t doing it for you, you’ll be happy that you brought a stash of healthy Kind bars, almonds, freshly cut fruit, or even some trail mix.

Few things in the world will leech moisture from your skin as quick as a being up in the air in an enclosed space. This is why you MUST carry a moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid or perhaps a glowy sheet mask that will allow you to retain your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Don’t we all just want to land at our destination looking like a supermodel? Well. Sort of.

A useful gadget like Click & Carry will allow you to consolidate your bags on one easy-to-carry grip handle so you won’t be forced to get wire markings on your wrists. Trust me. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

We at Click & Carry want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! And to thank you, we’d like to offer you 25% off your own Click & Carry with the code, ‘Holiday 25.’ Go nuts!

How Click & Carry Helps Crafters

As the holidays approach, all of us crafters gather with delight waiting until its finally acceptable for us to post our holiday crafts and ornaments onto all our respective social media channels. Now, how can Click & Carry help you, the creative and thrifty crafter, with your holiday shopping needs?

When you’re running around various arts supply stores, you don’t want those annoying and painful indentations on your hands that plastic bags can give you. Instead, put your bag handles into the grooves on your Click & Carry and just sling it over your shoulder. It can carry up to fifty pounds and it just saves you the trouble of making multiple trips to and from your car. Amazing, right?

Who wants those ugly marks on your fingers, wrists and hands from holding too many plastic or paper bags? With Click & Carry, all you have to do is put the bags into the two grooves for the bag handles, click it, and then carry the regular way or just sling it over your shoulder for a hands-free carrying experience. Did you read that? Hands-free! We love it.

Us crafters are pretty obsessed with things being visually entertaining and appealing. We want pretty and handwoven crafts that we can immediately put on Etsy, Instagram, and Pinterest, so why can’t that extend to products that help us carry our beautiful crafts around?

Right now, Click & Carry is offering 25% off your very own Click & Carry with the code ‘Holiday25.’ So…please feel free to craft away. Oh, and check out the above video about crafting and Click & Carry.

Top Four Ways Click and Carry Can Help Hipsters!

(Image via My Elite Detail)

Yes, you may love your iced cold brews with steamed almond milk and just a dash of organic vanilla, but you still need a way to carry all your grass-fed items back to your sustainable apartment.  With Click & Carry, you can carry multiple bags at once with ease and comfort. Seriously.  Here are some ways that all hipsters wearing hand-ripped jeans that cost more than a month’s rent can use this amazing product.

Whether you’re free of gluten, dairy, or animal products, you’re definitely not going to stay away from organic fruits and vegetables. Did we mention supporting local farms and businesses that make a majority of their income from farmer’s markets?  But the only issue is how you’re going to carry all your tons of produce, homemade candles, and perhaps a gorgeous handmade clock. Well, this is where Click & Carry swoops in to help you carry multiple bags with ease and simplicity. It’s also super cute.

Yes, we know it’s too cold for Coachella now, but think into the future…like next spring. This is about the time when you’re frantically looking for your friends to help you carry the tent bags, blankets, and luggage when you’re heading to hear the sounds of Cardi B in the desert. Did we mention snack bags, groceries, and all the random stuff you always manage to need bags for? Click & Carry offers you the option of clipping together all of your bags and slinging it over your shoulder.

No, really, dogs LOVE carrying bags with Click & Carry. Look at little Charlie below carrying his bags with ease and comfort. Because Click & Carry distributes the weight of your bags evenly, it allows for easier carrying and less strain on your body.  See, dogs ARE smarter than humans.

Let’s face it…hipsters love to live in cities and begin requesting that their items be organic, grass-fed, non-dairy, and sustainable. But as they begin to purchase these items, they need a quick and easy way to carry these items without putting strain on your arms.  That’s where Click & Carry comes in, allowing every hipster to purchase their items and carry them to their friend’s sister’s band practice, with no issues at all.  You can sling your items over your shoulder, and pop that fedora on your head, with enough from for a second almond milk latte.

Click HERE to purchase your own Click & Carry today!



Top Ways Moms Can Rock Halloween!

(Image via Cool Mom Picks)

Yes, it’s that time of year again.  Not THAT time. As the fall leaves turn orange, the pumpkin spice cravings increase, and your kids are hankering for the ULTIMATE Halloween costume, you know you’re inching closer to October 31st. But before you start freaking out about how to make an intricate costume from the latest Disney/Dreamworks movie, here are a few tips to help you transition into Halloween with a jump, skip and a fun size Snickers bar. Or three.

There is so much pressure on moms to create the perfect costume made with hand-stitched silk and organic cotton, right? Well, let’s be real, at the end of the night, your kids will be trudging through streets, grass, and mud to get to their sugary treasures. Also, they may be just as happy with their “ghost” or “sheet over the head” costume which requires zero time. Their costumes will likely be streaked with chocolate and sugar, so perfection is not even close to reality. Which is totally fine with us.

If you’re going to be the chosen chaperone for trick-or-treating, your kids will probably expect you to hold their candy, costume parts, or other items. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have an useful item like Click and Carry that will help you carry multiple bags without having to worry about ripping plastic or hurting your wrists? It also helps redistribute the weight of your bags while being able to sling it over your shoulder. Love it.

Sometimes a few apple slices just won’t do. If you want to go to town on Reese’s peanut butter cups and a fun size Snickers, don’t stress about it. Just be sure you down some water or decaf coffee in between so you don’t end up wolfing down the whole bag.

Are you a working mother who still wants to spend time creating that special costume for your little one? Why not wrangle your fellow moms into a costume prep party so you can all work together creating the costumes while getting a little help?  Or wine. No judgements.

Happy Halloween from all of us at Click & Carry!

Oh, and if you’d like 25% off your very own Click & Carry, just use code ‘Holiday25’ at checkout for your discount.








13 Magical Kitchen Secrets That I Can’t Survive Without

13 Magical Kitchen Secrets That I Can’t Survive Without

As a busy condo owner living in a big U.S. city, I am always looking for ways to make my life both healthier and easier. I work nights and weekends, so there is little time for food prep and clean up. I’ve collected a few helpful kitchen secrets help shop, prep, create and clean up after a yummy meal or snack.

From The Grommet

Snap ‘n Strain

This amazing little strainer attaches directly onto any pot or pan to drain liquid. Instead of wearing pads on both hands over the sink to spill the contents of the pot to a strainer, you can now do this in one quick motion & with just one single hand. The Snap ‘n Strain is made from durable BPA-free silicone.

Watermelon Slicer

This product is made by an Italian company called I Genietti, which translates into “The Geniuses” in Italian. The tool cuts watermelon neatly & evenly in one motion. It’s a stainless steel tool that is like a knife with tongs so you can cut, lift and serve a slice of watermelon! This is done without getting your hands dirty and without having to cut through the tough rind.


This is a nifty little single handed serving utensil. It’s designed to “snap up” an entire portion of food without putting down your plate. The Snapi works best for scoops of salad and pasta!


I love these… have you ever gone to an outdoor concert or to the beach that does not allow glass? Wine2go is the perfect solution for this problem. Wine2go is a collapsible flask/wine bottle that is light, flexible and durable. It’s BPA-free and there is no taste transfer, so your yummy wine tastes just as yummy in the Wine2go flask as in the bottle. It’s also ideal for hiking, picnics and for outdoor festivals.


FORMcard is an ingenious kitchen secret, a moldable plastic card that melts in hot water & transforms into a “life hack”. It morphs into a make-shift phone stand, a kitchen tool handle or even a missing kitchen drawer knob/handle.

Bag Podz

Do you forget to bring your reusable bags to the grocery store? Bag Podz is the answer for you as you shop for your meals. Just clip this little pod onto the side of the cart and shop away. Bag Podz comes in a 5-bag or 10-bag set. These bags are durable and are stored neatly in their own personal pod.


From The Container Store

OXO Grip Measuring Cup

OXO Measuring Cup

I love these angled measuring cups with OXO’s famous Good Grips handle. The best part is that it’s easy for the cook to convert into both cups and ounces so it makes any recipe easy to follow. The angled gradations are imprinted on the inside of the cup so it’s super easy to read the units of volume from both the top or from the side. Bonus – it’s dishwasher safe!

Flex Pot ClipFlex Pot Clip

This clip conveniently attaches to the side of your pot or favorite saucepan to hold your utensils. No more dirty spoons on the counter and the “dreaded” drip goes right back into the pot. It’s made with heat-resistant silicon and stainless steel so it’s both sturdy and safe!

Good Grips 3-N-1 Avocado Tool & Guac Lock Tool3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

This is a combo “life hack”. The 3-in-1 slicer halves the avocado, pits the avocado and finally slices the avocado so you can make some home-made guacamole. Next, the Guac-Lock keeps your guacamole fresh! The freshness is locked in by keeping the air out so the guacamole doesn’t brown. This air-tight container stores 12 to 24 ounces, is dishwasher safe and doubles as a serving dish. A must buy!

Hand Held SpiralizerSpiralizer

I’m currently trying to drop a few pounds, so I’ve cut out pasta and am replacing it with zucchini strands and spaghetti squash. The Good Grips Hand-Held Spiralizer by OXO helps you create pasta-like noodles. You can also use cucumbers, beets or make curly fries from Potatoes. It’s easy to use as there is a non-slip food holder that grips the veggie and makes perfect spirals from the veggies. Plus, the veggies are ALMOST as delicious as the real pasta with much fewer calories.

PalmPeelerPalm Peeler

Here’s a great kitchen secret… I can’t live without PalmPeeler. It’s a fruit and vegetable peeler that slides onto the finger, fits ergonomically and comfortably into your palm and peels like a charm! It even has a potato eyer at the tip of the tool. The PalmPeeler makes peeling a breeze!

Click & Carry

Click & Carry

Click & Carry’s magic handle allows shoppers to manage and carry multiple bags at once, either in your hands or over the shoulder for a hands-free carry. The key is to evenly distribute the weight on both ends of the Click & Carry so the handle can balance on the shoulder. This gadget frees up your hands to hold the baby or open the front door without putting down your groceries. I attach the loose bags to the Click & Carry while it’s in the cart, transfer the bags to the trunk of the car and then when I arrive home, I simply gather the handle, toss it over my shoulder and boom – I’m on my way without having to regather 5 or 6 loose bags.


Magical Kitchen Secrets

If you’re like me and pressed for time, kitchen secrets like these can make life a little easier. We hope you check them out, and if you have ideas of your own, please share in the comments. Our community would love to hear what you have that saves time and hassle around the kitchen.