Moms stock up for the entire family when grocery shopping. She’s busy and seeks solutions to be the best mom possible. With Click & Carry, she can “wear” her groceries, hold her baby and still have a free hand to open the front door.

Urban Dwellers (e.g., New Yorkers)

Urban dwellers shop for fill-ins on daily trips to the store and are generally on foot or using public transportation. An urban shopper seeks to maximize convenience. With Click & Carry, the urban dweller no longer has to choose between the milk or the detergent, which are both heavy items. He can buy both since the Click & Carry makes toting multiple bags much easier – all with one quick trip!

Seniors and Baby Boomers

Experience physical limitations when household/grocery shopping. Bags can be painful to hold or carry ~ especially if the Senior has arthritis. Click & Carry is ergonomically designed for comfort and even distribution of weight.

Do It Yourselfers

DIYers struggle to carry paint cans and construction pails to and from the job site. Now, DIYers can easily tote up to 4 gallons of paint from the home improvement store.