Click & Carry Reviews

I would like to leave a glowing 5 star review for you.  I have used the Click & Carry twice now for groceries and I love it!  I live on the third floor of an apartment building so there are lots of steps to go up and I prefer one trip.  I bought a stair climbing cart for groceries and it just did not work.  I saw Click & Carry on Shark Tank and immediately bought it.  I could not be happier with a product and have already suggested it to my apartment neighbors. Every person whether in an apartment or their own home should buy this for the great time saver that it is!

Haley S.

I  thought I would let you know that I have now used my Click & Carry three times for grocery bags. Love them!  Work just as advertised. I have an issue with easily bruising on my arms and they usually look awful due to carrying 25 grocery bags at once. A perfect solution for me. Thanks!


Terri B. 

I just want to let you know that I received your product yesterday and used them right away. What a great tool! I am 82 years old and carrying my groceries in from my car is a real chore and often requires several trips. Yesterday I only needed one trip, with my groceries over my shoulders, and my hands were free to unlock my door.

Sure glad I watch Shark Tank!!!! Money well spent!

Dag S.

I heard about Click & Carry from a friend and had been meaning to check it out. My only regret about this purchase is not getting it earlier! I used to dread going to the grocery store due to the hassle of struggling with all my bags and the multiple trips to and from the car. Now those days are a thing of the past because of this ESSENTIAL product. After realizing my new found love of this product, I did some research and found all sorts of other uses for it such as using it to secure my purse to my shopping cart and hooking my dog leashes together to walk both dogs at the same time. I love this product and love giving them to others too!

Lisa G.

I absolutely love my Click & Carry. I used to try to carry so many bags up my arm, and I don’t have to do that any longer. Not only that, when they are all on the Click & Carry, I don’t have to find the bag handles and reload on my arms or in my hands. They’re all together in ONE bundle. It is a life changer. Thank you, Click & Carry.

Jay F.

This by far one of the best purchases I’ve made. I live in an upstairs apartment and have two flights of stairs to climb with groceries. This allows me to carry my groceries up to my home in less trips. Who would have thought that such a simple product would make your life easier. I would recommend this product to anyone, regardless of where they live. I’m planning on purchasing more to give to family and friends.


Ordered one and liked it, so ordered 2 more. Then one of the soft shoulder mats came off of one as we used it. So not sure how effective they are now. Update: The owner saw my review, apologized and took the time to write a letter expressing concern, noting that superglue on pad should make it good as new again. However she also sent us 2 more! She was awesome and we will continue to promote product and her… thank you so much. We do love them going up 3 flights of steps we groceries makes it very easy.

Rynee J.

I have a car, but there is no parking at my building, so you have to park on the street in the surrounding four blocks. I live at the top of a hill too. It was AWFUL having to carry two weeks of food (pandemic times) for those couple blocks in 90°F heat – until I got these handles. My stuff’s still heavy, but it is SO MUCH EASIER to carry it on my shoulder with one bag in front and one behind. I don’t have to stop to give my hands a break, no stops to re-balance the weight distribution of the bags or worse, multiple trips. These are spectacular. Even better for people who take public transport to/from the store. Absolutely worth the money.

Laura O.

I love this product. It’s a lifesaver and has come in handy in so many different scenarios. From carrying grocery bags to dry cleaning to ski boots to paint cans…you name it, it can carry it. The product is super sturdy and well made. I’ve put it to the test with very heavy loads and it passes with flying colors. You can tell a lot of thought went into the design and quality of this product. It has comfortable gel on the insides so your hands don’t get thrashed and little (but very strong) notches that keep items separated and prevent them from all sliding to the ends. Well done, Click & Carry!

Wes F.

This is a really cool solution for someone like me who wants to bring all bags from the market in at once. Super simple to use and really makes carrying everything much easier. I got it for myself and now have done the same for my parents. Definitely a very nice to solution to a problem we’ve all had!

Matt A.

I love these! I no longer have to try to carry as many bags as possible to my sixth floor apartment, hoping my fingers don’t fall off! And when I get to my apartment, I don’t have to set everything down to unlock my door, I just put it on my shoulder. No pain with the cushion! Everyone should own these!


Best clips ever! Where have these been all my life? I found myself in a little panic one day when I had left them at home. Once you use them, you won’t go without!

Zelby L.

Amazing product! I purchased these click & carry’s for my mother who usually likes to walk to the nearby grocery store. Over the past few years she started to develop arthritis on her hands and carrying bags began to feel very painful. The gel grip on the click & carry is so comfortable and it makes the short walk to the grocery store even more pleasant. It’s nice for her to continue doing the things that’s she enjoys and having something that makes it more convenient and comfortable makes me feel happy. She received 3 in the package and already gifted one to her neighbor who saw her carrying her bags and asked her what that was. I’ll probably order another set soon!


I love my Click & Carrys that I ordered. They are so helpful to me for various reason. I recently hurt my back and am using them to Carry laundry up and down the steps, what a huge help. Additionally I have arthritis in my hands but the Click & Carry is so easy to open and close, I have no problem working with it. I am so happy I purchased them and will be sharing as gifts!!!!

Shelly W.

I just read your review and I wanted to let you know that the Click & Carry has been re-engineered to be MUCH EASIER to open to accommodate dexterity impaired hands! This is the new & improved version! I suffer from arthritis and this product is a godsend!

Elizabeth V.

I love only taking one trip in the house after shopping. Today was the ultimate test. I carried a diaper bag, 2 boxes of diapers, and over $100 of merchandise in the house at one time! Thanks Click & Carry for making it so much easier. This would have easily been 2 or 3 trips without the Click & Carry helpers…and none of my eggs were cracked!

We gave out our first set of Click and Carry handles yesterday. We gave our homeless client the choice of getting food in a gently used backpack or using the handles and he chose the handles. He was really happy to get them. We were able to give him about a third more food to carry.

At Christmas, I ordered Click and Carry’s on QVC – I gave them as little “tchotchke ” gifts to add a little something extra. My stepdaughter and a girlfriend were so thrilled with their Click & Carry even MORE than their Big Main gifts. My daughter-in-law said, “OMG, A CLICK AND CARRY I’ve wanted one of these!”

I just wanted to write you guys and tell you how thankful we are for your product. My husband was born without arms, and this has been a game changer for him. He can now help with the paper bagged groceries etc. There’s a lot he can do already, but this has been super helpful! Thanks so much!

Just wanted you to know that your product does even more than maybe you imagined! 🙂