This week we have just one prompt for the C&C Video Spree because it is such a useful one. Get yourself on video using it if you want to win!

Clip dog leashes together: If you’ve ever walked multiple dogs at once, you’ve probably dealt with the struggle of wrangling all the leashes without getting them tangled. Use Click & Carry to group them all together so that you only have to hold onto the Click & Carry rather than try to hold onto all those leashes at the same time.

BONUS: We’re going to include some fun videos of our favorite 4-legged friend, Charlie!  Enjoy the Magic! 

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Feel free to try for the most creative new use prize as well as the prompts above! Stay tuned every week for a new prompt, and send us those videos to enter into the contest! Check out our full contest rules. We’re looking forward to seeing your videos and giving out some prizes!