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Click & Carry Your Bags with Ease

With Click & Carry, you can gather and carry multiple bags at once — COMFORTABLY! You can hold Click & Carry in your hand, or you can wear it over your shoulder to be hands-free. Whether you’re dragging in your weekly groceries, bringing in 8 gallons of paint or hauling your ski boots to the mountain, you will love Click & Carry.

Carry with Comfort

Click & Carry's patented design allows for equal weight distribution of bags. Its comfortable gel padding makes it easy to rest on your shoulders or in your hand.

Convenient to Carry

Clip Click & Carry handles to your reusable shopping bags, carry in your handbag or backpack, or keep them in your trunk. Weighing in at 65g, they're lightweight and small.

Save Multiple Trips

Make one quick trip instead of 3 long ones! Clip your bags together, throw the handle over your shoulder and you're on your way upstairs or across the courtyard.

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Easily Organize and Carry Your Bags

Click & Carry Features

Each Click & Carry is divided in the center with a twisting column. There are two identical side cavities to hold your bags or cargo. Each side cavity can carry up to 25 pounds with two section on each side for placing handles.

  • Compact Size: 5.25″ x 1.37″ x 1.96″
  • Lightweight: Made of smooth, colored plastic
  • Comfortable: Padded gel grip
  • Colorful: Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Gray, Pink, Black

Stephanie D., Richmond, VA

Stephanie D., Richmond, VA

I just wanted to write you guys and tell you how thankful we are for your product. My husband was born without arms, and this has been a game changer for him. He can now help with the paper bagged groceries etc. There's a lot he can do already, but this has been super helpful! Thanks so much! Just wanted you to know that your product does even more than maybe you imagined! 🙂

Lara B., Scranton, PA

Lara B., Scranton, PA

At Christmas, I ordered Click and Carry's on QVC - I gave them as little "tchotchke " gifts to add a little something extra. My stepdaughter and a girlfriend were so thrilled with their Click & Carry even MORE than their Big Main gifts. My daughter-in-law said, "OMG, A CLICK AND CARRY I've wanted one of these!"

Ashley U., Lynchburg, VA

Ashley U., Lynchburg, VA

I love only taking one trip in the house after shopping. Today was the ultimate test. I carried a diaper bag, 2 boxes of diapers, and over $100 of merchandise in the house at one time! Thanks Click & Carry for making it so much easier. This would have easily been 2 or 3 trips without the Click & Carry helpers...and none of my eggs were cracked!

Jenifer, Philadelphia, PA

Jenifer, Philadelphia, PA

We gave out our first set of Click and Carry handles yesterday. We gave our homeless client the choice of getting food in a gently used backpack or using the handles and he chose the handles. He was really happy to get them. We were able to give him about a third more food to carry.

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