Carrying and gathering all your shopping bags becomes a snap with Click & Carry. Click & Carry is a simple device that helps you to manage & carry multiple bags at once – comfortably! You may carry Click & Carry in your hand, or you can wear it over your shoulder & be hands-free

The Story

Click & Carry’s story began when creator, Kim, realized how the struggles of carrying shopping bags made her avoid shopping altogether. One night Kim dreamt about a solution to this shopping bag dilemma, and Click & Carry was born.

Kim also realized she wasn’t alone… Nobody enjoys lugging around shopping bags! No matter how many times we rearrange them, shopping bags are a pain. They cause discomfort on our hands. It’s impossible to carry them all in from the car at once. And we all know how frustrating it can be to keep them organized and uncluttered.

Click & Carry is a product that helps you carry bags without pains and inconveniences.


    Click & Carry is proud of its patented design (#7874602 & #8182008).  Click & Carry allows for equal weight distribution of bags, and its comfort gel padding makes it easy to rest on one’s shoulders and in the hands. Click & Carry is ergonomically designed to compliment the form hands make when gripping objects and can help relieve arthritis pain from carrying multiple shopping bags!


    We’ve all been there, we just finished grocery shopping and now we’re faced with the burden of getting those groceries home, from the cart to the car & then again from the car to your home.  We also want to do this in just one QUICK trip & often end up with grooves in our hands & arms as a result of carrying so many bags. Click & Carry keeps all of your bags bundled together and allows you a free hand to open & unlock doors.


    It’s happened to us all. We forget to bring our reusable cup to the coffee shop or reusable bag to the store. Click & Carry is light-weight and it isn’t big or bulky, so you can easily keep it in your personal bag or car.  Plus, it’s fun and easy to use. You can use it in just 3 simple steps…
    •Simply twist the C&C open
    •Load your handled bags on each side (try to evenly distribute weight)
    •Rotate the top back into place & carry

    Weighing in at 65g, this dreamy shopping bag carrier can support up to 50lbs or 23kg (that’s about 10 bags of super market flour.)

It measures 5.25″ x 1.37″ x 1.96″
(13.3 cm x 3.2 cm x 4.97 cm) and is made out of a smooth and lightweight plastic with a padded gel grip, and comes in a shiny gray, blue, green and purple.

Each Click & Carry is divided in the center with a twisting column and has two identical side cavities. Each side cavity can carry up to 25 lbs. with two sections on each side cavity for placing bag handles. This way, your bag handles will keep from criss-crossing and will stay more organized. The top of the Click & Carry rotates open and closed, with a fun clicking noise as it opens and as it closes and clicks back into place. 
   You can easily carry a loaded Click & Carry in your hands, fingers, or it may be worn over your shoulder.

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