About Click & Carry

How It All Started

About Click & Carry: Click & Carry Your Bags with EaseWant to know more about Click & Carry? Click & Carry’s story began when its creator, Kim, realized how the struggles of carrying shopping bags made her avoid shopping altogether. One night Kim dreamed about a solution to this shopping bag dilemma, and Click & Carry was born.

Kim also realized she wasn’t alone… Nobody enjoys lugging around shopping bags. No matter how many times we rearrange them, shopping bags are a pain. They cause discomfort on our hands. It’s difficult to carry them all in from the car at once, and we all know how frustrating it can be to keep them organized and uncluttered.

Click & Carry is great for seniors who face dexterity challenges; it’s helpful for construction and DIY enthusiasts carrying paint cans and construction pails; and it’s ideal for skiers and snow boarders toting their boots.

The uses are practically limitless!