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Click & Carry [Blue] Bag Handle
Samantha St Raymond
Inventor Smart

Such a great idea! My order came quickly and the packaging was great.

Super useful

This is really an awesome tool to use. I clip it onto my purse strap at all times now. I always have to carry so many bags, and try to open the door at the same time. This gives me two free hands and I’m loving that.

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Simply Amazing

This is the best item I have ever purchased from Amazon!

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Wonderful product

Makes it very comfortable to carry groceries up 3 flights of stairs. No more cut off circulation and now my hands are free too!! As a woman I feel safer having my hands free so my keys are out and I’m not fumbling at my apartment door.

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Great for people with arthritic fingers.

This is really nice especially for people who need to avoid weight-carrying damage to arthritic fingers. To use this hook one bag of closely balanced items on each side of this handle and place it over a shoulder. This will also provide for fewer trips unloading your car and hands free for opening, closing doors etc., it would be nice if the design could be modified providing more shoulder padding and larger finger grip openings.

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I wasn't sure what to expect but these are amazing. First used to haul groceries, carried 4 bags at once no problem. Then bought 2 gallons of paint. No one likes carrying those things, but this make the long walk to the car easy. They're easy to use and I like the cushion on bottom. Just ordered some for a birthday gift.

LOVE IT no more purple hands carrying groceries!!

I Love it I used it myself and loved it so much gave it for stocking stuffers to my daughters they love it as much as I do!!

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One trip Wonder!

Where has this been all my life, lol!As someone who always wants to take everything in one trip-This gadget is the best. Padded underneath so comfortabke in hand or on shoulder, very easy to use!Buying for my daughters and friends!

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If you are a mom, or a single person living on your own YOU NEED THESE !!!I was so impressed with how sturdy and durable these were, I was able to carry my grocery and my infant all in one trip up 2 flights of stairs :)

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Great product! Makes life a little easier.

Love this product. Makes the chore of carrying grocery bags up the steps so much easier. Highly recommend.

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Works great

I have to go up the stairs with both hands. This device allows me to hang bags on my shoulder and go up the stairs holding on.

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Become a grocery pack mule!

I live in an apartment complex and these are perfect for me to haul all of my groceries in less trips to the car. I load up my groceries bags inside 4 larger more durable bags, clip in two on each, then hoist onto my shoulders and mule them. They’re great!

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Able to carry multiple bags

Helps keep my shopping bags from molding into my arms and hands and making multiple trips.

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Where have you been all my life?!

What a great invention I purchased 2 will be buying more I'm about to purchase 2 more now! It was a breeze caring in bags up to the third floor

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It buts...

Easy to use on shoulder/s. Just make sure the weight of the bags are equally distributed to the front and back of your body. I knew the durability & sturdiness of these devices were gonna last me a long time after using it a second time.

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Difficult to use for small shoulders

I did LIKE my click and carry,except it is made for average people. I am small frame woman. My shoulders are to small to carry groceries without my hand holding the click and carry in place.

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Easy to use! Such a great idea!! Makes carrying groceries to my second floor apartment a breeze?

Love the whole concept of the product. It's easy to use and makes grocery day so much easier!

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Great for Multitasking

Use to carry groceries from car to house Very easy to use

Lazy Wife Fave! lol

My husband absolutely loves these since he seen on Shark Tank one of favorite shows. I rarely ever have to help with the grocery bags anymore. Works out great!

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Fun and super handy surprise for my son and daughter-in-law.

You can carry a lot of grocery sacks on your shoulders or in your hand comfortably while using a free hand on the stair railing. Keeps you safe and super handy.

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perfect gift

I bought this as a gift for my mom. She is always talking about how she hates lugging in groceries from the car, and I thought of her when i saw this. When it arrived, i was impressed by the quality. Now I'm thinking about getting one for myself too.

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EVERYONE should have one of these!

Where has this little gadget been all of my life?! I found myself in a frequent dilemma; buying more at the grocery store than I planned. I wound up with 4 more bags than anticipated and walking home. I remembered that I had this little lifesaver in my tote and carried everything with ease! It's also designed better than similar devices, because it locks your bags in place so they can't be dropped. Genius!

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Very useful

I use these to help carry in groceries. Put a bag on each clip, and put it on my shoulder.

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Love that I can place multiple bags and it stays secure while carrying wherever I need to go!

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Such a relief for my hands!

I learned about the Click & Carry only recently, but I wish I had it years ago! The gel cushion makes it really comfortable to carry multiple bags, and the product has a real quality feel. I'm going to buy more for gifts! Thank you for inventing this.

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