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Click & Carry

Click & Carry 2-Pack [Red] Bag Handle

Click & Carry 2-Pack [Red] Bag Handle

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The Click & Carry makes carrying things easy, making grocery trips and hauling bags a cinch!

With a conforming gel handle, the Click & Carry makes carrying (or toting) heavy bags easy and more efficient.

  • Carry all of your groceries in just ONE TRIP from the store to your home. No more multiple trips!
  • No more painful cutting or indentions into your hands and arms from carrying heavy bags
  • Carry more with less effort by WEARING Click & Carry over the shoulder for a Hands-Free carry
  • Huge 80 lbs Capacity (That’s as heavy as 9 Gallons of milk!)
  • With even distribution of weight and a Rotating Top, one can Easily Load & Unload Bags


Weight : 7 oz

Dimensions : 5.25 × 1.37 × 1.96 in

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Vernon J Wagoner

This is a great product

This works very well. I can even put 2ltr bottles of Pepsi in the bags and climb a flight of stairs at age 78 using this product. Ya can't get a much better review than that.

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Get the 2 piece.

This really works as advertised. It holds aLot of weight. I load it up and hang it on my shoulder, it has padding, and carry anything else in my hands. Get this if you're a 1-trip kind of person.

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The Blonde Likes Books

Perfect for carrying heavy grocery bags

I love these! I live walking distance from my grocery store, so I generally don't drive there, but every now and then I regret my choice because my bags end up being heavy! These work perfectly to slip several bags onto and toss them over your shoulder. Super easy to use and have held up great!

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Life back for carrying bags

Love it. It makes it much easier to bring a lot of bags around without the handles digging into your palms. Haven't tried it on shoulders but I expect it to prove just as effective.

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Lisa Gilroy

Best shopping gadget by far!

I heard about this product from a friend and had been meaning to check it out. My only regret about this purchase is not getting it earlier! I used to dread going to the grocery store due to the hassle of struggling with all my bags and the multiple trips to and from the car. Now those days are a thing of the past because of this ESSENTIAL product. After realizing my new found love of this product, I did some research and found all sorts of other uses for it such as using it to secure my purse to my shopping cart and hooking my dog leashes together to walk both dogs at the same time. I love this product and love gifting it to others as well!

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