Easily & Comfortably Carry All of Your “Stuff”

Moms • Seniors • Do It Yourselfers • Urban Dwellers

Why struggle dragging your bags from the car to the house? With Click & Carry, you can gather and carry multiple bags
at once — COMFORTABLY! Hold Click & Carry in your hand or wear it over your shoulder to be hands-free.
Whether you’re hauling your weekly groceries, bringing in 8 gallons of paint or
lugging your ski boots to the mountain, you will love Click & Carry.

Click & Carry: Easily Organize & Carry
Click & Carry: Carry with Comfort
Click & Carry: Enjoy the Versatility

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Ways to Use Click & Carry

How to Use Click & Carry


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Click & Carry Features

Each Click & Carry is divided in the center with a twisting column. There are two identical side cavities to hold your bags or cargo.

  • Strong: Each side cavity can carry up to 40 pounds (80 lbs. total)
  • Balanced: Two sections on each side for attaching your cargo
  • Compact Size: 5.25″ x 1.5″ x 1.75″
  • Lightweight: Made of smooth, colored plastic
  • Comfortable: Padded gel grip
  • Colorful: Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Black

What People Say

Amazing product

In addition to using the Click & Carry at the grocery store, I found other uses for this great product. I find it to be a must have for skiing. I carry my skis in one hand and then I sling my boots over my shoulder using Click & Carry.

It’s just perfect! I also find it extremely helpful when I go into the office. I have to take my laptop with me, my purse and a lunch tote. I put them in the Click & Carry and have a free hand now to open the office doors. Try one and get creative!


Amazing invention!

The beat product I own. I literally use it multiple times daily. There is one in every vehicle, as well as my purse. My husband began to use it at work in his warehouse also. The uses are infinite.

Melissa R.

Essential aid for me!

I sell a small consumer product and use Click & Carry to help me carry all my bags to the post office every day. It is easy to use, durable, and invented by a phenomenal female entrepreneur!

Cyndi B.

I would like to leave a glowing 5 star review for you.  I have used the Click & Carry twice now for groceries and I love it!  I live on the third floor of an apartment building so there are lots of steps to go up and I prefer one trip.  I bought a stair climbing cart for groceries and it just did not work.  I saw Click & Carry on Shark Tank and immediately bought it.  I could not be happier with a product and have already suggested it to my apartment neighbors. Every person whether in an apartment or their own home should buy this for the great time saver that it is!

Haley S.

I just want to let you know that I received your product yesterday and used them right away. What a great tool! I am 82 years old and carrying my groceries in from my car is a real chore and often requires several trips. Yesterday I only needed one trip, with my groceries over my shoulders, and my hands were free to unlock my door.

Sure glad I watch Shark Tank!!!! Money well spent!

Dag S.

This by far one of the best purchases I’ve made. I live in an upstairs apartment and have two flights of stairs to climb with groceries. This allows me to carry my groceries up to my home in less trips. Who would have thought that such a simple product would make your life easier. I would recommend this product to anyone, regardless of where they live. I’m planning on purchasing more to give to family and friends.


I have a car, but there is no parking at my building, so you have to park on the street in the surrounding four blocks. I live at the top of a hill too. It was AWFUL having to carry two weeks of food (pandemic times) for those couple blocks in 90°F heat – until I got these handles. My stuff’s still heavy, but it is SO MUCH EASIER to carry it on my shoulder with one bag in front and one behind. I don’t have to stop to give my hands a break, no stops to re-balance the weight distribution of the bags or worse, multiple trips. These are spectacular. Even better for people who take public transport to/from the store. Absolutely worth the money.

Laura O.

Many Uses for Click & Carry