Happy Independence (and Caesar Salad) Day

It’s July, and if you’re located in the United States, you’re likely going to be seeing a lot of festivities coming soon. As Americans know, the Fourth of July is sure to be filled with the smell of barbecues, the sound of neighborhood parties, the boom of fireworks, and — the taste of Caesar salad? In addition to Independence Day, what you may not know is that July 4 also marks another day of significance: National Caesar Salad Day. This celebration commemorates the date upon which the Caesar salad was accidentally invented.

It was July 4, 1924 and Caesar Cardini was running his restaurant in Tijuana, Mexico. There was a large crowd from Hollywood eating there that day on the occasion of American Independence Day, and the restaurant’s ingredients were soon depleted from the sheer quantity of food being ordered. Even though he was running out of food, the customers were still hungry, so Cardini had to think fast to figure out a way to keep them happy. He looked around his kitchen and threw together whatever he could find into a makeshift salad. He then added some showmanship to the mix by tossing the salad by hand right next to people’s tables. The flavor combination ended up being a hit, and the tableside preparation wowed Cardini’s guests. They ended up bringing the salad recipe with them back across the border, and the rest is history. While there are several variations and alternatives of this story told by Cardini’s relatives and by others, this is the most popular story of the creation of Caesar salad (named after Caesar Cardini himself), and it is the reason we celebrate National Caesar Salad Day on July 4.

So whatever you’re doing this July 4, make sure you take some to kick back with a Caesar salad, and while you’re eating, head over to the Click & Carry Shop to check out our new bundled sets of a single Click & Carry paired with two, high-quality reusable bags.

Happy Independence Day!!! God Bless America!


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