Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Click & Carry made for?


Moms stock up for the entire family when grocery shopping. She’s busy and seeks solutions to be the best mom possible. With Click & Carry, she can “wear” her groceries, hold her baby and still have a free hand to open the front door.

Urban Dwellers (e.g., New Yorkers)

Urban dwellers shop for fill-ins on daily trips to the store and are generally on foot or using public transportation. An urban shopper seeks to maximize convenience. With Click & Carry, the urban dweller no longer has to choose between the milk or the detergent, which are both heavy items. He can buy both since the Click & Carry makes toting multiple bags much easier – all with one quick trip!

Seniors and Baby Boomers

Experience physical limitations when household/grocery shopping. Bags can be painful to hold or carry ~ especially if the Senior has arthritis. Click & Carry is ergonomically designed for comfort and even distribution of weight.

Do It Yourselfers

DIYers struggle to carry paint cans and construction pails to and from the job site. Now, DIYers can easily tote up to 4 gallons of paint from the home improvement store.

How does Click & Carry work? How do I use it?

  1. TWIST the TOP open
  2. LOAD handle bags on each side ~ try to EVENLY distribute the weight
  3. CLICK the TOP back into place to secure the bags
  4. CARRY the handle in the Hands using the comfy gel grip
  5. WEAR the Click & Carry over your shoulder for a HANDS-FREE carry

How much weight does a Click & Carry support?

Click & Carry is capable of supporting approximately 80 pounds, with 40 on each side.

How long does it take to receive a Click & Carry after I order?

We fulfill orders from Monday to Saturday and ship through the United States Postal Service (USPS). Your tracking number will be sent to you in your confirmation email. We use both First Class and Priority mail, depending on the number of units in your order. All shipments are processed the same business day by our fulfillment center. Priority shipments should arrive in 3-10 business days. Note that delivery times may vary based on holiday volume, pandemics, and force of nature.

What are the shipping costs?

Here find the shipping cost

Items Delivery Cost
1-2 Click & Carries (2 singles or 1 2-pack) USPS First Class $3.99
3-4 Click & Carries USPS First Class $5.99
5-6 Click & Carries USPS Priority $8.99
7-8 Click & Carries USPS Priority $11.99
9+ Click & Carries USPS Priority FREE

I didn’t get my coupon code when I signed up for the mailing list…

If you are a new subscriber to our email list, you can receive special offers. To subscribe:

  1. Enter your email address in the subscription form. A valid email is required.
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If you do not receive the email, first check your SPAM or promotion folders. If still not found, contact us (we’ll look you up!).

How can I track my order?

Our fulfillment system will email you a packing slip when your order ships, including the tracking number. Keep your eyes out for this email!

 Note: if the email is not in your inbox, don’t forget to check your junk mail or spam folders.