Grocery Olympics

Seemingly everyone has competed in the home Olympic sport of seeing who can carry the most grocery bags inside at once. While some pros may be able to juggle all the bags at once, hanging them precariously over both arms and every finger, there has to be a more elegant solution. Oh wait … there is!

Click & Carry, the over-the-shoulder bag handle, lets you win the gold medal in Olympic Bag Carrying and look good while you’re winning. This Women’s History Month, support the female-owned company letting you transport all your bags in one quick trip!

Twist the Click & Carry open, load bags onto each side, twist it closed, and you’re good to go. Sling it over your shoulder or carry it in your hand and make getting the groceries a breeze. The padded gel bottom lets Click & Carry sit comfortably on your shoulder while supporting up to 80 pounds of Pop Tarts and Cheetos (oops…we mean apples and carrots).

Get a limited edition Women’s History Month pack of three Click & Carry handles in Fuchsia, Green, and Purple.

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