Back to School Ideas

Those lazy summer days are coming to a close. As Labor Day weekend closes out another epic summer and fall approaches, it’s still not too late to stock up on back to school supplies. And this year, don’t forget your Click & Carry handles. They’re not only good for toting home your purchases — your children can use them to carry heavy books and school supplies. Here are a few ideas showing how Click & Carry works for students from kindergarten through college seniors.

Elementary School Students

Students from kindergarten through fifth grade can use a Click & Carry handle to carry heavy backpacks and school supplies. Students may also attach their lunch bags to the outside of their backpacks to avoid squishing their yummy contents. By attaching the Click & Carry handle to straps and lunch bags, children can place their items over their shoulder for a hands free tote. Plus, there’s less chance of loss or misplacement when children combine their school items with a Click & Carry.

Middle School Students

Besides assisting with backpacks and school supplies, the Click & Carry can be extremely useful for junior high kids transporting gym and sports gear. Unlike elementary school students, middle schoolers are often involved in sports and clubs that require carrying many more items to and from school. Click & Carry handles help keep students’ gear together to reduce risk of loss.

High School Students

All the previous uses are helpful, but high school students become even more involved in activities. Click & Carry becomes even more essential! Young athletes need to bring equipment and uniforms to school and competition. Aspiring young artists in art, music, and theater also transport items to school and events. What better way to do so that with a Click & Carry handle (or two)?

College Students

Especially in college, students benefit most by having Click & Carry handles. In addition to toting school supplies between classes, college students residing in dorms or off campus must manage their daily needs. Students often make a weekly trek to a local grocery store (or Walmart or Target) to pick up essentials. They may have to walk or travel up & down stairs at the dorm. There’s no better way to get those purchases home than with a Click & Carry handle. Students can load up all the bags, lay the handle over their shoulder, and easily slip back to their dorms or apartments. Oh, and Click and Carry is also a lifesaver on laundry day, for carrying clothes to the laundry room and back. Some folks also carry their shower caddies and towels.

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