Back to School Shopping with Click & Carry

Those lazy summer days are coming to a close. Well, not yet. We still have a few weeks until kids are back in school, the fall sales commence, and Labor Day weekend closes out another epic summer. But this year, don’t forget your Click & Carry handle so your child doesn’t have to carry all her heavy books without going hands-free. Instead, why not go #handsfree while you’re carrying back-to-school shopping bags, groceries, and home improvement supplies?

Did you know that each easy-to-grip Click & Carry handle can carry up to eighty pounds of heavy items? Eighty pounds! You can also use your Click & Carry handle in other ways besides grocery shopping. Check them out below!

Back to School Shopping


Vacation and Travel Help


Doggy Errand Helper


Grab your Click & Carry handle from Amazon Prime or CLICK HERE!

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