Summer 2022 Contest – Week 2

Hey, everyone!

It’s week two of the C&C Video Spree, and we’re excited to roll out our second set of prompts. If you didn’t catch last week’s announcement, C&C Video Spree is a six part contest where we will roll out a new set of suggested Click & Carry uses each week, and you will have the opportunity to submit videos of Click & Carry being used in those ways. After all of the prompts have been released, we will choose a set of winners to receive up to $100 in prizes in addition to free swag. We will also have a $100 bonus prize for a video featuring the most creative new use of Click & Carry.

Week two’s suggested uses are carrying paints cans and construction pails with a special bonus of a dorm room move-in. Submit videos of Click & Carry being used to carry these items (or week one’s prompts of sports equipment, summer gear, and winter gear) for a chance at the prizes!

  • Paint cans: Anyone who has used paint cans knows they are a pain. They are heavy, clunky, and the metal handles dig sharply into your hands. There must be a better way! Oh wait … there is. Click & Carry’s comfortable padded grip eliminates the issue of the handles hurting your hands while the weight distribution makes it easier to carry multiple cans at once. Consider using the over-the-shoulder carrying method to free up your hands to carry your paint brushes and other tools at the same time.
  • Construction pails: Kind of like the paint cans, many of us have awkwardly tried to lug around heavy construction pails full of whatever we’re working on. Use Click & Carry to stop the metal handle from digging into your hands and make carrying multiple buckets more convenient!

See last week’s post for more information about the prizes, and check out the full contest rules here.

We’re looking forward to seeing your submissions! Check back next week for the next set of prompts!

To enter C&C Video Spree, email your video(s) to

Check out week #2 of Click & Carry uses!

Paint Cans

College Move-In

Feel free to try for the most creative new use prize as well as the prompts above! Stay tuned every week for a new prompt, and send us those videos to enter into the contest! Check out our full contest rules. We’re looking forward to seeing your videos and giving out some prizes!

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