Summer 2022 Contest – Winner 1

Happy Halloween!

After six weeks of submissions for the C&C Video Spree Contest, we ended up with some awesome videos from many of you showing the Click & Carry in action. From testimonials glowing brighter than a jack-o-lantern to innovations on the use of the product, we received really boo-tiful content from our community.

In case you missed it, the C&C Video Spree was a video submission contest where you could submit videos of the Click & Carry being used in different ways for a chance at up to $100 in prizes and free Click & Carrys. The contest recently closed, and we wanted to share the top videos with you!

For part one of the prize announcement series, we wanted to start with a spooky one in time for Halloween. We have received a number of videos from Charlie, a dog who has been a consistent fan over the years. See him here dressed as a doctor and a superhero carrying his Halloween goodies!

We also have a video of him carrying his sister, Tiny, after she got tired from a walking marathon to get all her candy!

Charlie won $50, two Click & Carrys, and two reusable Click & Carry bags. That’ll be perfect to bring back his haul when he goes trick-or-treating tonight! Stay tuned next week for another winner announcement!

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