Summer 2022 Contest – Winner 2

It’s time to reveal two more winners from the C&C Video Spree video submission contest!

First things first – you are a winner, too! Use the code HOLIDAY20 for 20% off of your next order until December 1, 2022.

Leong ~ Honorable Mention

Leong helped identify a new and creative use for Click & Carry! Who knew that once you get your Click & Carry home, that it doubles as a stand for your phone or iPad? Wow! Thanks Leong for finding another use!

Ajay ~ Third Place

This week we are excited to award third place to Ajay. Ajay used Click & Carry to help him move into his dorm at San Diego State University this semester. His video shows him using two Click & Carrys to haul all his heavy bags up the stairs, letting the padding prevent the handles from digging into his hands. He even got his family and roommates to help him make this awesome video before heading to the basketball stadium for freshman orientation!

Leong & Ajay each won a $25 Amazon gift card, two Click & Carrys, and two reusable bags. Congratulations!

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