Summer 2022 Contest – First Place

insert drumroll here…*

Throughout the C&C Video Spree, we received many awesome videos from our community. Some folks were unloading their huge grocery runs all at once to save valuable time. Others were lugging paint cans around for a home remodel. But only one featured a Caribbean beach.

Congratulations to Tammy for winning the C&C Video Spree!  Coming to us from the sand in Puerto Rico, Tammy used her Click & Carry to get her beach chair and beach bag out to her piece of paradise with no hands! We are quite jealous of her backdrop as the winter weather is setting in at home.

Tammy’s two part submission featured some awesome narration about how Click & Carry helps her in her daily life. For those who have trouble lifting heavy things, Tammy shows how Click & Carry can help distribute the weight and make it more comfortable. Much like another of our winners, Tammy talks about using Click & Carry to make the college move-in process a cinch.

Congratulations to Tammy for winning a $100 Amazon gift card, two Click & Carries, and two reusable bags!

Creative Use Bonus Prize

Last, but certainly not least, we would like to award the prize for the most creative Click & Carry video to Kressa. Kressa is the fellow Shark Tank entrepreneur behind Shower Toga, a “mobile locker room” allowing you to change and shower anywhere. Kressa has been a huge supporter of Click & Carry over the years, using it for all kinds of things. Her first video details her experience using Click & Carry to bring materials for her booth to a trade show floor to sell Shower Toga. Using Click & Carry allowed her to avoid paying extra for trade show staff to move the stuff for her! She has also used the product to haul her things around Vegas and even surprised a stranger in Hollywood with a free Click & Carry! Now, that’s creative! Thanks to Kressa for sending in her videos and for her continuous support.

That’s a wrap!

We appreciate everyone who submitted a video to the C&C Video Spree, and would like to thank each and every one of you for participating. While the contest may be over, we always love receiving videos from customers of the Click & Carry in action. Feel free to send in videos anytime, and we will feature you on our official social media.

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