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The BEST Things This Summer

Woot! Summer is here…

…and we’re going to be able to enjoy ourselves again. Summer is my absolute favorite time of year. Wanna know why? I’ll share eight  fun things to do this summer. And yes, you should remember to bring your Click & Carry along to make transporting everything needed for these activities a bit easier…

1. Beach Picnic

I always make big plans to do a million PHYSICAL activities and ALWAYS opt out to have a picnic & cocktails at the beach. Why exert myself when I can rest, tan and snack on chips and guacamole? Click & Carry helps carry the beach chairs, the wine tote, towels, and (of course) the guacamole!

2. Hiking

Hiking is so much fun in the summer when the flowers are in full bloom! You need a Click & Carry to carry a bunch of water and sunscreen!

3. Boating

Who can resist an afternoon at sea? I love sailing and there is nothing like being on the wide open water…

4. Scuba Diving or Surfing

Diving and surfing are a MUST if you’re visiting the ocean. Check out our gallery below to see Mike toting scuba gear on a recent trip to Hawaii…. Ed and Kole are carrying a surf board and beach snacks.

5. Sports

Summer is the best time of year for baseball, volleyball, tennis, and swimming. Every mom & dad needs a Click & Carry (or three) to lug all the sports equipment for the kids.

6. Gardening

How fun is planting a garden? Will it be veggies or flowers this year? Or both?!

7. DIY Project

Does the garage need repairs or do the bathrooms need fresh paint? Summer vacation is the ideal time to catch up on repairs.

8. Movie Night

I remember one of my best summers EVER was when the “movie of the summer” was Grease. It’s amazing how far we’ve come and how easy it is to host a backyard movie with an inflatable screen. Don’t forget your Click & Carry for the all party favors — popcorn, candy and soda.

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