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The Many Uses for Click & Carry

As the creator of Click & Carry, Kim Meckwood is one of the many small business owners who are the backbone of America’s economy. She came up with the for idea Click & Carry when she was lugging her groceries up several flights of stairs and knew that there had to be an easier way. And so, Click & Carry was born. It’s the first handle with comfortable gel padding that you can use to carry bags with your hands and also throw it over your shoulder for a hands-free carry. Kim saw a need for a simple cost-effective device that would allow you to carry bags without hurting your wrists or arms. Instead of being a damsel in distress, Kim saw an opportunity to create Click & Carry so that she could multi-task in a quick and easy fashion!

Did we mention Click & Carry’s various multipurpose uses from carrying groceries to sports gear?

Here are some of the many ways to use your Click & Carry:

  • Moms love Click & Carry because they can go grocery shopping and carry multiple bags hands-free. With Click & Carry, a Mom can “wear” her groceries, hold her baby and still have a free hand to open the front door.
  • Urban Dwellers (e.g., New Yorkers) shop for fill-ins on daily trips to the store and are generally on foot or using public transportation. An urban shopper seeks to maximize convenience. With Click & Carry, the urban dweller no longer has to choose between the milk or the detergent, which are both heavy items. He can buy both since the Click & Carry makes toting multiple bags much easier ~ all in one quick trip!
  • Seniors and Baby Boomers experience physical limitations when household/grocery shopping. Bags can be painful to hold or carry ~ especially if the Senior has arthritis. Click & Carry is ergonomically designed for comfort and even distribution of weight.
  • DIYers and Construction Workers struggle to carry paint cans and construction pails to and from the job site. Now, DIYers can easily tote up to 4 cans of paint from the home improvement store.
  • Skiers, Snow Boarders, and Roller Bladers can tote their boots and blades to the beach or the snow with ease. With Click & Carry, you can easily go hands-free and put your ski-boot laces into a Click & Carry handle, and just throw it over your shoulder. Now you have an extra arm free to hold your skis/snowboard and an extra cup of hot cocoa.
  • Sports Enthusiasts and Coaches can easily carry all the sports equipment to the soccer game, to baseball practice or you may use your Click & Carry handle with resistance bands at the gym.
  • Dog Walkers can put two, three or four dog leashes into the Click & Carry handle and walk multiple dogs at once. When the naughty dogs criss-cross, you can easily turn the Click & Carry around to untangle the dogs.

Other Uses…

  • Pick up the Dry Cleaning with a Click & Carry! Those wire hangers can really hurt when they dig into your hands, but Click & Carry can save the day and perhaps a finger or two.
  • Keep your Purse Safe at the Grocery Store and Organize your Reusable Bags by locking your purse to the shopping cart with a Click & Carry or hang your reusable bags off the side of your cart. I do this so I can easily hand the bags to the bagger without having to unload my entire order onto the belt.
  • *Surprise Use* It has recently come to our attention that the Click & Carry may also be used to prop up your iPad or iPhone while you’re at home! Who knew?
Click & Carry
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